Out of Games Deck Tracker Plugin

The Out of Games Deck Tracker Plugin allows you to quickly and effortlessly sync your Hearthstone collection to Out of Games via Hearthstone Deck Tracker.

Download Out of Games for Hearthstone Deck Tracker

Download the Latest Version (v0.0.8)

How it Works

  • When you visit your collection, new data is uploaded to Out of Games.
  • We'll process your collection data and update your profile.
  • When browsing the site, you can see customized deck costs and see which cards you are missing.
  • Collection data may take a few minutes to update on the site - please be patient!

Installation Instructions

Under no circumstance should you install the Out of Games Plugin unless you download it from this page.

  1. Make sure you have Hearthstone Deck Tracker installed. (Windows Only)
  2. Download the Out of Games Plugin above.
  3. Open file explorer to "%appdata%/HearthstoneDeckTracker/Plugins"
  4. Open the downloaded plugin zip file and extract "OutOfCardsPlugin.dll" to the above folder.
    • If Windows gets upset about the DLL file, unblock the plugin via your antivirus.
  5. Restart Hearthstone Deck Tracker

Configuration Instructions

  1. Go to the Hearthstone Deck Tracker Settings Menu
    • Expand the "Tracker" section of settings.
    • Under Tracker, click on "Plugins".
    • Activate the Out of Games plugin by toggling it.
  2. Login to the Out of Games Plugin
    • On the menu bar of Hearthstone Deck Tracker, click on Plugins.
    • Find the Out of Games dropdown item.
    • Click on the "Login" submenu option.
      • You will be brought to the Out of Games website to authenticate.
      • It will state you are logging in and giving the Plugin access to your Hearthstone Collection.
    • After logging in, go back to Hearthstone Deck Tracker.
  3. Launch Hearthstone and visit your Collection to have it upload to the site automatically.
    • A toast will appear in the bottom right corner of Hearthstone when your collection syncs successfully.
    • Sometimes, your first load of the collection will not sync. Load back into your collection a second time.
  4. Wait for the site to process your collection.
    • We process collections in the order they are received.
    • Once your collection is processed on our end, new collection data will be used across the site.
    • There are sometimes longer than normal delays in processing collections. This is due to us slowly scaling processing based on demand and performance. 
  5. Enjoy an updated collection!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the plugin automatically update?

We do not have automatic updates of the Out of Games deck tracker plugin.

What data do you collect with the plugin?

We collect your collection data and sync it to the Out of Games website. If we collect any additional data in the future, it will be opt-in required.

My Antivirus says this isn't trusted. What's up with that?

We haven't signed our plugin with a trusted authority so you may get a warning about it from your antivirus or windows itself.

My browser says the file isn't safe when attempting to download it.

This can happen with some files. If you trust us, and you're downloading it from the Out of Games website on the official page, you are in the clear to accept.

Will this work on Mac?

No. This only works with Hearthstone Deck Tracker which is a Windows application.

Are you planning on supporting Mac?

It might be something we can do in the future, but there are no plans to do so at this time. We don't want to make an empty promise and we also don't want to support something that we won't commit to updating.

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