Today we're starting to see teasers for the new Freljord Champion. If they follow the same reveal schedule as they did for Demacia we should be seeing posts at the following times.

  • Champion Showcase: First day at 1:00pm ET
    • Region Showcase: Second day at 10:00am ET
    • Tales of Runeterra: Second day at 1:00pm ET
      • Champion Teaser 1: Third day at 9:00am ET
      • Champion Teaser 2: Third day at 10:30am ET
      • Champion Teaser 3: Third day at 12:00pm ET
      • Champion Reveal: Third day at 1:00pm ET

Based on our article on datamined information nearly 3 weeks ago, it looks like the new Champion will probably be Sejuani. We'll find out for sure in a few hours!

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