A First Look at Unawake, a Gorgeous Melee Action Game From RealityArts Studio

Receiver of two Epic Mega Grants, Unawake is a gorgeous Unreal Engine 5-powered title that is set to launch on Steam in 2023. The game has you deciding the fate of humanity as the war between Heaven and Hell is fought on our planet, and from the teaser alone, looks to be a blast.

A New Take On The Eternal War

Stories about Heaven and Hell warring are nothing new – Diablo comes to mind as having a very similar premise, down to the player character being the deciding factor for whose side wins. That said, Unawake looks like Diablo on Earth, after all the NPCs have died and the player’s all that’s left. Here’s a quick-fire round on all the deets we have right now:

  • Launching in Q4 2023, as per its Steam page.
  • Easy-to-learn, hard-to-master combat system (looks to be mostly or completely melee).
  • Dynamic sountrack.
  • Published by Toplitz.
  • Surreal levels (check the !;07 mark in the video).
  • Story is a blend of fantasy, science fiction and history.
  • Character and skill progression based on experience.
  • More than 20 skills to customize the way you play.
  • Customize your weapons, which sounds like crafting or adding ‘mods’ to them, socketing gems, that sort of thing.

You can wishlist Unawake on Steam to get updates on when it’ll be out.

What did you think of the teaser? Did the game grab your attention? Let us know in the comments below!