The new Gauntlet Mode will be available in Legends of Runeterra today and here are some decks you might want to give a shot! This is a new competitive mode with changing formats each week. The first one will allow you to use standard decks and next week will be singleton (only one copy of each card). Be sure to share your own decks in the comments section if you have something that worked well for you!

Gauntlet Update:

I finally had a chance to play through the Gauntlet this morning and easily hit 7 wins with the Aggro deck listed here. I only lost 1 game to a Bilgewater deck that managed to blow up my side of the board before I could get enough early damage in. Upon winning I was awarded  1100 bonus XP and the Competitor and Conqueror Player Icons shown below. Good luck with your Gauntlet run!

Zed Card Image

Braum Card Image

Gangplank Card Image Thresh Card Image

Gangplank/Thresh Control
A Runeterra Deck created by . Last updated 3 years, 8 months ago

Heimerdinger Card Image Vi Card Image