Rhino Games has offered us the first of six codes that will unlock the full Core Set;  The first one is for the Norden faction.


They have also given us a deadline for using these codes: March 15th at 1:59 AM PST. You've got just under a month but you're better off redeeming the codes now and getting on board the Mythgard hype train.

To redeem the code, go to the Store tab, and press the Redeem Code button. iOS users will have to use another client as code redemptions are not available on that platform.

Quote From Rhino Games

Feel the power of all of the Norden(Blue) cards! All codes announced will be available until March 15 1:59 am PST. Our first code is DISCORDNORDEN - Log into the game, go to Store > Redeem Code > Enter code > WOW.  YOU HAVE ALL CORE BLUE CARDS NOW. If you are on iOs, you will currently manually have to load the browser to add these codes and then you will have access to the entire set across all platforms.