Legends of Runeterra's Empires of the Ascended expansion launches today, and it features our first-ever expansion event! Here are the details and rewards for the event. 

Event Details

The event will run from March 3rd 11 am PST (today's expansion release) until March 31st 11 am PST. The currency of the event will be Sun Discs, which will be earned through PvP wins and by completing special event quests.

  • The first PvP victory of the day will award 2 Sun Discs; each subsequent win will award 1 Sun Disc
  • The quests will be chains, each of which will have two possible paths for completion and take several games to complete
  • There will also be a special additional quest worth 10 Sun Discs for everyone who purchases the Event Pass before March 16th.
  • PvE matches and friendly matches will not award any Sun Discs.

The Event Pass will be available for purchase for 975 coins (approximately $10 USD) in the shop once Empires of the Ascended goes live. It is not necessary to purchase the Event Pass to participate in the event, but players who do will receive additional rewards. Of course, you can always use your Shurima Securi to buy tickets for a free Event Pass through Out of Cards' Path to Ascension Giveaway


The event will have a reward path with 28 levels. Players will start immediately at level 1, and every 10 Sun Discs will advance your progress an additional level. 9 of the 28 levels will be available to everyone for free while the other 19 will require purchasing the Event Pass to unlock them. Each level has a unique reward, starting with a Fen guardian at level 1 and culminating with a Prismatic version of Azir at Level 28.


Are you excited for this event? Do you plan on purchasing the Event Pass? Tell us below!