We’re back with another Runeterra Deck Spotlight - this time it’s the turn of Azir, Hecarim and their army of Ephemerals!

Azir Card Image Hecarim Card Image

The Champions

Azir and Hecarim both have inherent Ephemeral synergy when you summon them on your attack. Azir summons a Sand Soldier, dealing potentially an extra 2 damage whilst also building towards Azir’s level up. Azir levels very quickly, with the considerable amount of 1 and 2 drops accounting for 35% of the deck allowing you to swarm the board! When Azir is finally levelled, he will give himself and any unit you summon extra attack!

Hecarim also plays a big role as a finisher in this deck. As well as summoning 2 Spectral Riders on attack, he can level up super fast with the help of Azir. Once levelled, you can swing for ridiculous amounts of damage with your Ephemeral allies and Hecarim’s Overwhelm! Running Lucian is alternative choice of champion for this deck if you wanted a lower curve, but then you don't get to run Shark Chariot!

Ephemeral Attackers

Sand Soldier Card Image Shark Chariot Card Image

Most of the cards in this deck will have synergy with summoning Ephemeral attackers to support Shark Chariot and Hecarim. Dunekeeper, Azir and Sandcrafter will all summon Sand Soldiers on attack, which in turn can summon any Shark Chariots you may have played earlier in the game. Aside from this, Bloodthirsty Marauder, Barkbeast and Rock Hopper are all solid, aggressive early game units.

The Harrowing

The Harrowing Card Image

The primary win condition of this deck involves The Harrowing. Once your cheap early game units have inevitably died, The Harrowing will blowout opponents in a grandstand finish. It also is a chance for your Hecarim or Azir that may have died earlier in the game to be brought back for one final swing. It is important to remember to place Hecarim on the far right as possible on your attack, assuming he has levelled, so all your units will benefit from the extra 3 damage before Hecarim dies once more. Ruin Runner is another option that gives Overwhelm damage in case your opponent has a wide board and can make your The Harrowing safe from The Ruination.

The Rest of the Deck

There are still a few slots to fill in this deck, and these cards are up to you! Here we’ve opted for Ruinous Path in one of these slots, as it offers some useful reach outside this combat damage-focused deck, and the slay effect happens very often - such as when your opponent blocks a high attack Ephemeral unit. Doombeast is another good option if you don’t have access to Ruinous Path yet, or if you would prefer to combo with Stalking Shadows.

Ruthless Predator is useful for dragging any of your opponent’s pesky units or for using as an extra reach like Mark of the Isles. Rite of Dominance is included because of the high amount of aggro on the ladder at the moment; because of this deck’s poor defensive capabilities, Rite of Dominance gives you a chance to stall an extra turn before playing The Harrowing on your next attack.

We hope you enjoyed this Runeterra Deck Spotlight! Check out our previous Renekton Sivir deck spotlight if you are a fan of aggressive strategies! 

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