Rhino Games just updated the game, bringing a number of new changes. The big news is Pandora Mode, a new casual mode that will be used to host all future holiday events, as well as other random events. In a nutshell, it's Mythgard's equivalent to Hearthstone's Tavern Brawls and Legends of Runeterra's Labs.

The first event to be hosted in Pandora Mode is for St Patrick's Day. This will be a 1v1 event where random enchantments will appear beneath a minion when you play it. It will end of March 29th and will reward a special card back.

We also got news about Ranked ladder. The current season will end on March 19th, and the next one will start on March 22nd. 

Sadly, there's also some unfortunate news. One of Mythgard's most unique aspects, the ability to play it from the browser, will be deprecated with this patch. Hopefully, this will get revisited in the future, as this is an amazing way for players to try out the game quickly.

Aside from these changes, the patch also fixes a number of bugs and improves the quality of life of the game. You can read the full notes below.

Quote From Rhino Games

Patch 20.1.7 introduces Pandora Mode - a rotating casual game mode that will host all future holiday events as well as limited duration variety modes (see below for more). It also includes support for the upcoming Qualifier Tournament, the following Ranked Ladder Season, and in-game Qualifying Points ladder for the Mythgard Competitive Series.

Features & Bug Fixes

  • Pandora Mode

    • St. Patrick’s Day event

      • This is a 1v1 event

      • Complete the missions to win exclusive St. Patrick’s Day card backs

      • Random enchantments appear beneath each minion you create

      • Event ends Mar 29th 10 am UTC (3 am PDT)

    • The first week of April will feature a new 2vAi event

    • The second week of April will feature a new 2v2 event

  • End of The Winter War Ranked Ladder Season I will be Mar 19th 5 pm UTC (10 am PDT)

  • The Winter War Ranked Ladder Season II will start Mar 22nd 10 pm UTC (3pm PDT)

  • Added Mythgard Competitive Series Qualifying Points ladder

  • Additional support for MCS tournaments

  • Improved tournament matchmaking algorithm

  • Added intro animation

  • Suppressed ability text now rendered on cards in gray font

  • Improved localization support for Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Turkish on startup

  • Switch POV during a replay should no longer fast forward to the end of the game

  • Fixed pink square that could appear after browsing the store

  • Fixed a bug that prevented prestige Vendomomo from allowing item purchase

  • Bragi Runesinger’s ultimate should now allow you to pick up to three enchantments when used while occupying an enchantment that provides an additional activated ability (such as Whitemoon Arena)

  • Fixed a bug that caused the client to get “stuck” after picking a card to shuffle back for Bragi’s Ballad while under the effect of Mimir Reborn’s non-ultimate brand ability

  • Fixed a bug that caused the client to get “stuck” when casting a Forbidden Floors that had been obtained via Double Speak

Known Issues

  • WebGL2 support is being deprecated with this patch - various browser updates have made support for this platform untenable. We may revisit this in the future 

  • The web link in the Mythgard Competitive Series dialog goes to an incomplete page

  • Chat is NYI

  • Guilds are NYI