A new Mythgard patch just dropped, and with it come a number of improvements for the quality of life of the game. It also introduces the Ba ranked system we covered in our previous article. No cards were changed in the making of this patch.

One such improvement is in the deckbuilder. A lot of the filters are now only usable by also pressing the Ctrl key, so you won't accidentally turn them on when you're trying to use the search bar. You can also add cards to your deck or remove them by hovering over with your mouse and pressing spacebar, and you can also play cards in the game using the same key (you still need to target using your mouse).

These changes, as well as keyboard shortcuts for toggling the decktracker and ending your turn, should be of great help for people with motor disabilities. Finally, the game icon will now start flashing if a match is ready but the game isn't in focus (useful for people who Alt-Tab a lot).

The big change with this patch though is with card borders. All cards now have a gold, thin trim around themselves. The change isn't very pronounced, but in my opinion, it makes the cards look better. What do you think?

Quote From Rhino Games

Patch 20.1.15 is primarily a bug fix patch. It also introduces the Ba system for Champions ranking.

  • Ba system - adjustment to Champions ranking
    • Champions are now ranked via Kismet adjusted by Ba
    • Ba can be between -200 and 200
      • A maximum of 100 is applied to ranking
    • Champions get 10 Ba per win, up to a maximum of 50 per day
    • Champions lose 10 ba per day of inactivity
    • Ba can be viewed in player profiles as well as via mouse over in the ladder
  • Changed & added some hotkeys
    • Faction filters are now ctrl-(B|Y|R|G|O|P)
    • Cost filters are now ctrl-(1|2|3|4|5|6)
    • Class filters are now ctrl-(M|S|E|A)
    • Rarity filters are now ctrl-alt-(C|U|R|M)
    • Wild/Unowned filters are now ctrl-(W|U)
    • Show available cards filter (draft only) is now ctrl-0
    • ctrl-F focuses the search filter
    • [Space] adds a card to the deck when focused on a card in the collection
      • shift-[Space] adds a stack of cards
    • [Space] removes a card from the deck when focused on a card in the deck
      • shift-[Space] removes a stack of cards
    • [Space] picks the focused card when drafting
    • 0-4 sets the number of cards in the deck when focused on a card in either the deck or the collection
    • ctrl-C and ctrl-V export and import a deck, respectively
    • [Space] plays a card from hand when fighting
    • shift-[Return] ends turn
    • T/F2 toggle the card tracker
    • F12 takes a screenshot
  • The taskbar icon now lights up if a match is ready and the application is not focused (Windows only)
  • Improved how the multi-deck editor (tournaments only) shows cards/decks that don’t meet the deck-building restrictions
  • Added an alternate trim for partners
  • Changed the card border
  • Decreased the intro movie cooldown to 1 day
  • Fixed several tournament related bugs
    • nb- unfortunately, not the obvious ones - the focus this time was the overall stability of the system