The Pokemon Trading Card Game and Pokemon GO are collaborating on an upcoming TCG expansion which will feature cards themed after the mobile game. 

Not much information has come out yet, but the package design has been revealed! It looks like packs may contain 6 cards, which is different than the 10 you get in a usual booster pack. We're not sure which Pokemon will be making an appearance in the card game expansion, nor do we know what the rarity distribution will be with the packs being differently sized, but we're certainly interested in hearing more about it.

Update: Not sure what's going on but the 6 cards per pack seems to be an error as a pack with 10 is shown in a short video clip. (Clip below)

The Pokemon GO TCG Expansion should also launch within Pokemon TCG Live as all sets get a physical and digital launch. We're still waiting for the new digital version of the Pokemon Card Game to launch though, which was previously delayed until sometime this year. Pokemon TCG Live will be replacing the soon-to-be-shutdown Pokemon TCG Online game. All progress will be migrated from the original game though, so don't worry about that!