Mythgard has received a small update today that improves on various quality of life features. The main ones have to do with the handling of assets, as new players will now download all required content before entering the main menu, and the install size for the iOS app has been reduced (the remaining assets are downloaded in app).

There's also a few bug fixes, namely a display issue when ranking up after a battle, and an issue with logging in using a Facebook account. Overall, a small patch, but a nice one.

Quote From Monumental

Please be aware there will be a rollout period on mobile platforms with this release, so not all players will see the update immediately.

New Changes:

  • New users will now always download all required content before entering the main menu
  • iOS install size has been reduced (remaining assets are downloaded in app)

Fixed Bugs:

  • Fixed a display issue when promoting in rank after a battle
  • Updated Facebook SDK to latest version
  • Fixed Facebook account linking and login issues