The game is overrun with a certain deck and you want nothing more than to utterly outplay them with your superior tech-choices? We know that feeling all too well. With the EX-Zero Festival in full swing, Floowandereeze are the clear favorites and could use some pushback.

With the thousands of cards that came out over the years, there's bound to be some that fit any specific scenario you could imagine. To make the search easier, we've gathered the best anti-Floowandereeze cards you can add as supplements to your deck. We don't recommend crafting niche URs just for this event, but you may have already opened a copy or two that's just collecting dust in your digital binder.


Effect Veiler Card Image Artifact Lancea Card Image Gnomaterial Card Image

The tried and true best way of disrupting the opponent's turn. After all, Maxx "C" won't be of any use this time around, so here's some potential fillers:

  • Effect Veiler & Infinite Impermanence - These are great against Floows Normal Summon and are a nice craft even for general use. Imperm is an easy get from one of the Bundles.  
  • Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring & Droll & Lock Bird - Another set of standard handtraps. These shut down their many sorts of searches, which can be just as devastating.
  • Artifact Lancea - The Level 1s not getting banished is huge in terms of long-term card advantage. No followup for the upcoming turn is about as bad for Floowandereeze as a negated Normal Summon, and this works even when they open Book of Moon
  • Gnomaterial - The worst of the bunch, but the ingenuity could mean that it at least dodges Crossout Designator.


Narrow Pass Card Image Fog King Card Image Summon Limit Card Image

Most of these won't do you any good when playing the Floo yourself, as floodgates are permanent restrictions that often affect both players. Nonetheless, when you open any of these going first, the birds better beware.

  • Mask of Restrict & Zombie World - The two that were deemed too anti-fun and were limited for the festival. Mask of Restrict is the budget-friendly vintage version of the two.
  • Narrow Pass - Speaking of budget friendly. This Normal rarity card hasn't been printed in almost two decades and therefore has quite the outdated text. The correct wording should be something along the lines of "neither player can control more than 2 Normal Summoned Monsters". Which means that it stops a Tribute Summon if they are already at the limit.
  • Fog King - Another relic of the past, Mask of Restrict on legs. However, a small bird can just peck at your illusion of smokes and mirrors, so it's in need of some protection. 
  • Summon Limit - Surprisingly, this does count even Normal and Flip Summon, so no access to big Tributes. But also way more hindering to your own gameplan as well.
  • By Order of the Emperor - Hilarious. Basically a one-sided Skill Drain at the cost of giving the opponent lots of free draws. What are the odds you can force the opponent to go... Out of Cards?
  • King Tiger Wanghu - A fun alternative for when you also want to clear the "Destroy opponent's cards" Mission.

Counter Traps & Others

Forced Back Card Image Revealer of the Ice Barrier Card Image Chain Energy Card Image

Unlike Floodgates, Counter Traps are a one and done kind of disruption. The advantage lies in the fact that they aren't as easily responded to with Spell/Trap removal. We're also including honorable mentions for Monsters that can work wonders, but only as part of their archetype.

  • Forced Back - A temporary solution, as it only sends the Monster back to the hand. The best use is to stop a Tribute Summon, so the Banished Level 1s aren't able to activate their retrieval effects.
  • Pulling the Rug - Simple, cheap and effective. Just use it on the first Normal Summon so they can't get any further. Unfortunately, this one is prone to getting chainblocked.
  • Revealer of the Ice Barrier - It's your time to shine, Ice Barrier fans! To get the Tribute restriction going you can Special Summon either Defender of the Ice Barrier or Hexa Spirit of the Ice Barrier from your deck. Oh, and don't forget Medallion of the Ice Barrier for extra consistency.
  • Amorphage Wrath -  The Amorphage archetype is all about Pendulum Monsters that don't let your opponent play the game. They are very high maintenance though, so not as easily thrown into any deck. 
  • Chain Energy - This won't win you the game on it's own, but definitely one to keep an eye out if you want to run a burn deck. Since Magic Cylinder can stop Equipment otks, this is your best bet for grind games!

What worked for you this event? Share your unconventional card picks in the comments below!