Mythgard just released a blog post detailing a number of balance changes coming to the game, and they're pretty big ones. Most notably is the fact that now some cards exceed 4 gems in their cost. There's also been some formatting changes for some of the cards, but we won't mention them, just the balance stuff. 

There will be no essence refunds for this round of nerfs, but you can use the code WRYTRICKSTER to redeem 10 packs from the Core set and the two expansions. With that out of the way, let's take a look at the card changes!







  • Armageddon Angel
    • Costs 9OOOOOO (up from 7OO).
    • Has 7 Attack (up from 3).
    • Awaken ability no longer changes its stats.
  • Wry Trickster
    • Costs 2OO (up from 2O).


  • Merciless Koxinga
    • First ability costs 1 mana (up from 0).
    • Second ability costs 2 mana (up from 0).
  • Perfect Grade
    • Costs 9 mana (up from 8).
    • Energy starts at 2 (down from 3).
    • Has 6 Health (down from 7).

Quote From Mythgard

We recently offered a survey to the Mythgard community to collect feedback on the game with a particular focus on card balance. In response to that feedback, the next update includes twenty card balance updates. Although we prioritized community feedback, these changes came from a mix of survey responses, collected game analytics, and our in-house design team.

Please note that these changes will not be live in-game yet and will be released some time in the coming days. We will communicate before and at the time these changes take effect.

We’ll be monitoring community feedback and in-game data and will follow up with additional changes, should they be needed.


As a result of the above balance changes, some puzzles are being updated or removed.

  • Removing these puzzles due to balance concerns from affected card balance changes:
    • “Navy Seagull’s Recruiting Hall”
    • “Riding with Eolis”
    • “Minmaxer’s Challenge”
    • “Minmaxer’s Coup”
  • Updating “Alpha Deadly”
Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey and provided their feedback. In lieu of essence refunds, redeem code WRYTRICKSTER in-store before August 31st to get 10 free packs!

What do you think of these changes? Let us know down below!