Master Duel's latest Festival starts in about an hour, and it comes with its own Forbidden and Limited List. The list contains the regular suspects getting hit, like Monarchs, True Draco, Eldlich, and Heralds. Hit particularly hard this time around were the Timelords, with Michion, Raphion, Sandaion, and Sephylon all getting banned. Newcomers Floowandereeze and the Adventurer Engine were also hit pretty hard, though it's important to note that the banlist changes for the latter will not go into effect until after the Festival ends, so you still have some time to play with them.

You can see the banlist for the festival down below. In addition to what's there, all Link and Fusion Monsters are also banned.

Forbidden Cards

Eldlich the Golden Lord Card Image Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon Card Image Wandering Gryphon Rider Card Image

Normal Monsters

Effect Monsters

Ritual Monsters

Synchro Monsters



Limited Cards

Floowandereeze & Robina Card Image Floowandereeze and the Magnificent Map Card Image Jet Synchron Card Image

Effect Monsters


Anything in the list you were hoping to see? Or maybe there's one of your cards you wish to be freed? Share your thoughts in the comments below!