Master Duel's latest event, Theme Chronicle, is now live, and will last until the 30th/31st of January. The event focuses on decks that got a Gate in the Solo Mode of the game, though some other archetypes are also playable. We didn't have time for a detailed Ban List article this time around, but if an archetype has seen any sort of play, like Floowendereeze, Runick, the Adventurer Engine, Swordsoul, Eldlich and so on, they've been hit pretty badly and can't efficiently be played in the event. 

If you can't decide what to play, there's a number of fairly decent loaner decks you can pick up. If you want to go with your own deck, however, Vendread, Beetroopers, and Libromancer are all present in the newest pack and are available in this event in full force. From the Solo Gate archetypes, Megalith, Monarch, and Danger! are all solid picks. And if you have a non-meta archetype, like Super Quant, there's a good chance they're playable in the event. There's a good variety of decks for everyone to play.

In terms of rewards, Konami was nice enough to tell us the amount of gems that will be winnable in the event: 3100. 1900 are from the event reward track, meaning the remaining 1200 are from event-specific mission. If you add the available missions together, though, you only get 1000. The last 200 will probably be made available partway through the event, as has been the case with other events so far.

Are you excited for the Theme Chronicle? What deck are you planning to go with? Let us know in the comments below!