The second festival of the month is currently underway, forcing players to only have Xyz Monsters in the Extra Deck, and will last until the 27th/28th of February (depending on your time zone). If you're new to the game or just need a refresher on the mechanic, we have a dedicated guide right here on the site. Also make sure to check our Xyx loaner decks and the rewards for both festivals.

We also got of the rest of the missions for the events, with the first batch coming when the Legends Anthology went live. The new missions are as follows:

  • Destroy a card:
    • 3,5 times: 50 Gems
    • 7 times: 30 Gems
    • 10 times: 20 Gems
  • Duel in the Festival:
    • 1, 3 times: 50 Gems
    • 5, 10 times: 30 Gems
    • 15, 20 times: 20 Gems
  • Summon an Xyz Monster:
    • 3,5 times: 50 Gems
    • 7, 10 times: 40 Gems
    • 15 times: 30 Gems
    • 20 times: 20 Gems
    • 25, 30 times: 10 Gems

That's a total of 600 Gems, bringing the grand total of Gems earned from both Festivals to 3100, as expected. 

Are you excited for the Xyz festival? What deck are you planning to play? Let us know in the comments below!