Every Tuesday, a new week starts in MARVEL SNAP, and that means a new set of Weekly Missions unlock for players to complete and earn Season Pass XP. Usually, these Missions are the same each month, with little variation: Win a Location with 20 or More Power, Play 1-Cost Cards, Make your Opponent Retreat. However, this week, players got a brand-new Weekly Mission for Guardians Greatest Hits Season that asks them to build their decks a little differently:

To help players rise to that challenge, we've rounded up 5 SNAP decks featuring Star Lord so players of all collections can complete that challenge while enjoying themselves.

Anatomy of an Outlaw

Star Lord Card ImageOn Reveal: If your opponent played a card here this turn, +3 Power.

Star-Lord is one of the more flexible Guardians of the Galaxy, all of whom gain a benefit when played to a location that the opponent also played to. As a 2-Cost who can potentially have 5 Power, his upside is one of the most efficient 2-Drops in the game. Star-Lord fits best in decks that can control where the opponent plays, guaranteeing his buff, and for that reason he's often better played on one of the final turns when space is limited rather than on curve, when it's much more unlikely to predict the opponent's play.

Dino Guardians (Series 1)

This Series 1 deck uses the Power of the Guardians to get Power and extra cards in hand, often as a final turn follow-up to Devil Dinosaur. Moon Girl can copy some of the key win conditions.

Guardians on the Move (Series 2)

This Movement deck for Series 2 plays the Guardians to high priority locations, then can move them somewhere else with Cloak, Iron Fist, and Heimdall.

Guardians Move (Pool 2)
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Sera Control (Series 3)

This Sera Control deck best shows off the strategy of waiting until the final turn to play Star Lord by reducing his Cost to 1 with the Ongoing effect of its namesake card. The extra Power will come in handy, as will the removal from Shang-Chi and Enchantress.

SeraStar Control (Pool 3)
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Nebula Control (Series 3 + Season Pass)

The Season Pass card, Nebula, is a fantastic enabler of on-curve Guardian predictions, forcing the opponent to either ignore her and allow her to get her buff on, or play to her location and potentially feed the On Reveal of Star Lord and Rocket Raccoon. This deck also runs traditional location control cards like Storm and Spider-Man to make the opponent even more predictable.

Nebula Control (Pool 3)
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StatureHawk Control (Series 4)

This Series 4 deck can be controlling, in its own way, and benefits from cost reduction that doesn't involve Sera by running Zabu and the Stature Black Bolt combo. It also includes three members of the Guardians of the Galaxy for that bonus synergy that definitely matters.

StatHawk (Pool 4)
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