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Out of Games Known Issues

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This thread will keep track of Known Issues on Out of Games and we'll update is as issues are resolved. After a short period of time, we'll remove fixed issues from this list.

When issues are fixed, they will be posted as Patch Notes on the Feedback Realm.

You are welcome to post new issues in this thread, however, it can be more beneficial to create a dedicated thread in the Feedback Realm instead to allow for higher visibility.

Current Known Issues


  • Achievements are not firing for activities.
    • There are new "completed x activities" achievements that aren't firing and have been removed temporarily.
    • If you complete any activities while these aren't working, you will not have credit for their completion afterward.


  • Notifications are not going out for news.


  • Card game related site bbcode buttons are missing.
  • The code box no longer has syntax coloring.
  • You cannot quote other users.


  • Realm threads are unable to be located.


  • Several realms that previously had navigations do not.
    • These will be updated as we make other updates to each of these realms.

Recently Fixed Issues

This list does not include issues that were not previously on the known issues list.

  • Crusader2010's Avatar
    Garrosh 695 274 Posts Joined 05/30/2019
    Posted 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    I've already made a thread about this, but here goes:

    - go to the Community tab on the main page, then click on any page number down below (e.g. 4)

    Expected: the realms/threads of that page number are loaded and visible directly.

    Actual result: we are back on the main page of the site, with the News tab active. Switching the Community one does indeed show the correct threads from the initially selected page number.

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