Demacia is a proud military kingdom that was founded in the aftermath of the Rune Wars around a millennia ago by the legendary Orlon. Having witnessed how destructive magic can be, Orlon and his followers were traveling west looking for a refuge when they came across an unusual fossilized forest that seemed to dampen magical energies. The Great City of Demacia was founded on that place, and more and more people found their way there over time. Eventually, the Demacians learned how to combine the bark of the trees with ash and lime to create petricite, the white stone-like material from which most of Demacia’s buildings and armor are made of.

The Citadel of Dawn, the king’s palace, exemplifying the typical petricite architecture of Demacia.

During the early days of the nation, Kayle and Morgana, the twin Aspects of Justice, served as the winged protectors of the lands after inheriting their power from their mother. While Kayle was slowly consumed by her constant pursuit of justice, Morgana was more willing to let people atone for their mistakes, and their different views eventually made them clash together across the heavens. The fight was only stopped when they heard the cry of their father, who was mortally wounded in the violence that had erupted in the city. Both aspects left the city behind after that fateful day, but their legacy still lives on in the city’s winged statues and icons, as well as in prayers to the Judicator or the Veiled Lady.

The Demacians are very proud of their military force, exemplifying the nation’s core values of honour and justice, and known for its unwavering discipline. In addition to footmen and cavalry, the military also includes rangers and silverwing raptor riders, often used as scouts. The finest soldiers are inducted to the army’s elite force, the Dauntless Vanguard. Garen Crownguard serves as their current sword-captain, while his aunt Tianna is the High Marshal of the entire military. The Demacians also have the petricite colossus Galio at their disposal, bringing it to the battlefield to combat the magic of their foes when necessary.

The Demacians have stayed fearful towards magic to this day, and consequently, the use of magic has been banned in the entire kingdom. The Order of Mageseekers was created already in the early days of the nation to enforce this law and find and capture those breaking it, and is currently led by Tianna Crownguard’s husband Lord Eldred. However, some villages are trying to hide their mages as their abilities can be beneficial for their local communities. The highborn mages, like Lux, are trying to keep a low profile in the capital city itself to avoid being captured.

Silver half-mask and a petricite disk called graymark are the identifiers of a mageseeker.

Currently, the kingdom of Demacia is in turmoil as the dangerous mage prisoner Sylas of Dregbourne managed to escape from his captors and plans to unite the Demacian mages against the oppression they have had to withstand for ages. As King Jarvan III was found dead under dubious circumstances amidst the uprising, his sole heir prince Jarvan IV is fiercely blaming the mages. While a large-scale conflict is yet to break out, the threat of a civil war is looming over the kingdom, in addition to the ever-present threat of Noxus’ expansionistic ambitions.

Further Lore

The short story "Turmoil", featuring Cithria.


Lux – the Lady of Luminosity

Lux Card Image Lux Card Image

“I’ve been hiding my light too long!”

Luxanna Crownguard was born in the Demacian city High Silvermere as the younger sister of Garen. Lux did not accept her expected role in service of the family, questioning the teachings of her tutors and dreaming of exploring the world. She found her magical talents as a young girl when she managed to unleash a torrent of magical light deep within her to save herself from a pack of wolves. At first, she feared her newfound gift, as she had been taught about the evil of magic and she knew what would happen if everyone found out what she was, but over time she began to experiment with her magical light more and more.

As the years passed, her magical abilities became even harder to hide. There were times when she wished she would not have her magical gifts, and even came close to getting “cured” of her affliction. However, her encounters with the petricite colossus Galio, whom she was unintentionally able to awaken due to the strength of her magic, made her more confident that she needed no cure.

Trying to find her place in the kingdom, she joined the charitable religious order, the Illuminators. When her magic grew ever stronger as she grew older, her order enabled her access to confiscated material in search of more effective ways of controlling her magic. When that was not enough, her family name allowed her to venture even further, eventually coming into contact with the most heavily guarded prisoner of Demacia, the mage Sylas of Dregbourne.

Sylas managed to teach her how to keep control over her magic, and in return, she brought Sylas books to read. Eventually, she even brought him the texts of Galio’s creator, the sculptor Durand, and from these records, Sylas learned that petricite absorbed magic instead of nullifying it. He used his petricite chains to absorb magic from Lux when she rushed to stop his execution, which was ordered after her family had learned of Lux’s frequent visits to the prisoner. In the wake of Sylas’ escape and the mage rebellion he started, Lux secretly left the capital city with a group of mages she was leading to safety. While concealing her abilities has become more important than ever, but Lux might be done hiding and could well play a key role in the upcoming conflict.

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Warriors cinematic, where one of the three stories involves Lux defending Garen and the Demacians from Sylas and his Freljordian allies by publicly using her magic to summon Galio:

Garen – the Might of Demacia

Garen Card Image Garen Card Image

“My heart and sword for Demacia.

Garen was born to the Crownguard family, who had served as the protectors for kings for generations. When he was eleven, his ranger-knight uncle was killed by a mage, which confirmed to the young boy that magic was the biggest threat to Demacia. A year later he left his hometown High Silvermere to join the military, where he met and befriended prince Jarvan IV. By the age of eighteen, he had already participated in several campaigns and was recommended to take part in the trials of the elite Dauntless Vanguard by his aunt High Marshal Tianna. Not long after his admittance he was already unanimously promoted to lead his fellow warriors after the previous Sword-Captain fell in battle.

Since childhood, Garen has suspected that his sister Lux might be a mage, a suspicion that has kept growing over the years. After Sylas’ escape, he had to witness Lux’s magical powers first-hand as she helped a group of mages escape the capital city. Consequently, Garen has been forced to re-think his stance on magic and his loyalties as he still loves his sister, while also burdened by the king’s death.

In the middle of the mage crisis, Garen led a small force of Demacian soldiers to investigate potential issues in their allied nation Nockmirch. As they uncovered the Noxian influence on the region, a hard-fought battle erupted with the Demacians eventually victorious, with Garen killing the Noxians' leader. After consulting the new Vanguard member Cithria, he decided to spare Lord Eldwyn’s life but appoint his daughter, Lady Odelyn, as the new leader instead. He had little time for rest after the mission as he was sent after another trail of Sylas shortly after returning to the capital city.

Further Lore


  • Garen's broadsword is called Judgment.
  • Even though never mentioned directly in the canon lore, a relationship between Garen and Katarina has been rumoured for a long time, and LoR’s special quotes between the pair do nothing to stop that.

Garen's bio and short story in the League of Legends Universe.

Longer short story "For Demacia", where the Demacian city Fossbarrow is tormented by an unnamed nightmare-inducing demon (featuring Lux).

Lux comics (5 issues), telling the story of Lux, Sylas, and the start of the mage rebellion.

The novel "Garen: First Shield", telling the story of Garen's visit to Nockmirch.

Tales of Runeterra:

Warriors cinematic, where one of the three stories involves Lux defending Garen and the Demacians from Sylas and his Freljordian allies by publicly using her magic to summon Galio:

Fiora – the Grand Duelist

Fiora Card Image Fiora Card Image

“By my honor, you must die.”

Fiora was born as the youngest daughter of the Laurent family and was therefore destined to be married off to another noble house of Demacia. This was far from the future she wanted. As a child, she gave away the dolls given to her and forced her brother to give her fencing lessons, and her seamstress’s mannequins were forced to serve as her sparring partners as well.

Despite her quiet resistance, a political marriage with a member of the Crownguard family was eventually arranged. On the wedding day, Fiora publicly refused to be wedded against her will, and the shocked Crownguard family demanded a duel to the death as compensation for the public shame. Fiora immediately agreed, and even king Jarvan III, who had attended the wedding, was unable to reverse the decision despite her father’s pleas.

As an ultimate option, Sebastien Laurent invoked his right to fight in her daughter’s place. As his defeat against the Crownguard champion seemed certain, he tried to drug his opponent the night before the duel in desperation but was caught in the act. Due to this dishonorable attempt, he was sentenced to death by hanging. Only Fiora knows what the father and daughter discussed when she visited his cell, but on execution day, she pleaded with the king for the right of claiming the family name from her father in a duel. As Sebastien was no match to her skills, Fiora became her father’s successor, bypassing his brothers’ claim to the family name.

Such scandals are not easily forgotten, and gossip of the unorthodox head of house Laurent still circulates around the nobles of Demacia. Dedicated to refining the art of dueling, Fiora is happy to silence her critics with her sword when necessary.

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Lucian – the Purifier

Lucian Card Image Lucian Card Image

“Push back the darkness!”

Lucian’s father Urias was a member of the ancient order of the Sentinels of Light, and the young boy wanted nothing more than follow his father’s footsteps into fighting against the horrors of the Black Mist. However, his protective father did not want the same dangerous life for his son, and Lucian stayed in Demacia. He found purpose in safeguarding exiled mages into the hinterlands, as what he saw in them were people in need instead of the outlaws they were treated as.

After one such journey, he returned to find a stranger waiting for him. The woman was Senna, Urias’ apprentice, who brought the message of Lucian’s father’s death. Before Senna could leave, Lucian insisted on joining her for the vigil of lost Sentinels, easing each other’s pain by sharing stories of Urias along the way. As they were ready to depart after the vigil, wraiths attacked them from the dark clouds that had crept in, following Senna as they had done her whole life. During the battle that followed, Lucian was able to fire his father’s relic pistol, a feat which no uninitiated had ever done before.

After fighting off the wraiths, the impressed Senna agreed on teaching Lucian the tactics and doctrines of the Sentinels, and a bond started to form between the pair, eventually blossoming into love. As their emotions strengthened, so did Lucian’s urge to cure Senna from her curse. One such search ended with them facing against Thresh, and as Lucian stormed into attack despite Senna’s orders of retreating, the woman was forced to sacrifice herself to save the stubborn man, and her soul was captured within Thresh’s lantern.

The grief and bitterness left Lucian as nothing but a husk of the man he once was. Wielding now both his father and Senna’s pistols, his hunt for Thresh eventually brought him head to head with the Chain Warden. He managed to shatter the cursed lantern in the hope of granting his beloved eternal rest, but to Lucian’s surprise, Senna reemerged. While the love between the pair has not faltered, Lucian has had to accept the fact that the dark forces they continue to fight against are all that keep Senna with him.

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Lucian releasing Senna from Thresh's lantern:

Ruination cinematic:

Quinn – Demacia's Wings

Quinn Card Image Quinn Card Image

“Nothing gets between me and my mark."

Quinn was born in a remote mountain hamlet Uwendale, and from an early age, she and her twin brother Caleb would pretend to be protectors of the land. Their father, the village’s weaponsmith, would fashion simple weapons for them while their mother, a warden among the local trackers, would teach them survival and fighting skills.

The twins grew up to be a formidable ranger team. A great tragedy faced them when they were hired to accompany a group of nobles in their hunting party, as a wounded and enraged tuskvore ended up killing Caleb. Heartbroken, Quinn’s joy of becoming a ranger faded as did her prowess in the wilds. A year after his brother’s death, Quinn visited his grave as she often did, when a one-eyed tuskvore attacked her, the very same beast that his brother managed to partially blind with his spear before his death. As Quinn’s arrows did not seem to stop the beast and she was preparing for her doom, a rare azurite eagle swooped in, its attacks providing Quinn enough time to fire a shot that found its intended target. Quinn brought the injured eagle to Uwendale with her, naming it Valor.

Valor reignited Quinn’s dreams of serving Demacia as a knight, but their poor family could not afford it. Quinn contacted the noblewoman Lestara Buvelle, who had already offered her help mere months after Quinn and his brother had saved her husband Lord Barrett's life on the fateful hunting trip. Lestara gladly vouched for Quinn, and even personally visited the High Marshal Tianna Crownguard to petition for her. Within a week, Quinn began her service as a ranger-knight, and has served with Valor in numerous scouting missions, preferring to stay in the hinterlands rather than towns.

Her latest mission saw her join Garen’s forces in visiting Nockmirch. As Quinn was secretly scouting the city’s surroundings, she managed to locate a Noxian camp nearby, and narrowly escaped to warn Garen’s party. During the battle that followed, Garen ordered Quinn to flee to bring a message to the capital, but she insisted on trying to help them first. She suffered a nearly fatal wound but was able to save Garen’s life despite of it. While being unable to deliver a message herself, Valor led silverwing raptor riders to the Demacians’ aid, turning the battle in their favor. After a victorious homecoming, Quinn quickly left the capital city against the wishes of her healers to return to the wilds.

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The novel "Garen: First Shield", a direct continuation of "Shield of Remembrance" for Quinn's part.

Shyvana – the Half-Dragon

Shyvana Card Image Dragon Shyvana Card Image

“Dragon blood, Demacian heart.”

In chambers beneath a lost volcano, a great elemental dragon Yvva guarded her clutch, feasting on the foolish people that tried to steal her eggs. Against all odds, one mage managed in the trick, escaping the enraged broodmother, and traveling north towards Piltover.

However, before he was able to sell the egg, it began to hatch. It is uncertain what had caused the change, but instead of a dragon, a violet-skinned humanoid girl was born. The mage raised the child as his own, naming her Shyvana. Her difference was clear from an early age, as she was able to shift between her humanoid and draconic forms, making life among the common folk difficult. Additionally, Yvva had retained some connection to her daughter, and as her other offspring took flight, she was able to leave her nest in search of the lost child. When the broodmother finally found them, Shyvana was forced to watch as Yvva’s flames engulfed her adoptive father. She made him a simple grave before continuing her own escape.

Staying constantly in the move, Shyvana came across a wounded warrior, and determined the save the man, she shifted into her dragon form and carried him to a Demacian outpost of Wrenwall. Despite the soldiers being suspicious of the violet-skinned woman, she was made welcome as she had just saved the life of Prince Jarvan IV. Her peaceful time at Wrenwall would not last long as Yvva found her once again. While Shyvana was preparing to flee to not endanger the Demacians, Jarvan refused to let his saviour go, and insisted on fighting against the dragon with her. With the aid of the soldiers led by the prince, Shyvana was victorious. Jarvan promised that Shyvana would always have a place at his side and was asked to accompany the prince in bringing the skull of the broodmother to the capital city.

While some Demacians are still questioning the prince’s new protector, Shyvana seems to have found her place in the Dragonguard, guarding the kingdom against any draconic threats.

Further Lore

Shyvana's bio and short story in the League of Legends Universe.

Jarvan IV – the Exemplar of Demacia

Jarvan IV Card Image Jarvan IV Card Image

"For my father, the king!"

Jarvan IV Lightshield is the crown prince of Demacia and the sole heir of the late King Jarvan III due to his mother Catherine dying in childbirth. The prince was raised at court and given the finest Demacian education, learning the value of the nation’s virtues. When growing older, he was introduced to history, politics, and many arts of war by his father’s seneschal, Xin Zhao. The former Ionian became Jarvan’s close ally whom the prince would refer to as uncle. During his later military training he also met the young Garen Crownguard and the two became close friends.

When he came of age, Jarvan III rewarded his son with the honorary rank of general, and determined to prove himself, the prince set out to bring stability in the Noxus-contested lands beyond Argent Mountains. Jarvan advanced from victory to victory, until he pushed too deep into the Noxian territory against the advice of his lieutenants. With the prince’s forces spread thin, the Demacians got encircled and only a handful of survivors who refused to surrender were able to make their escape, Jarvan included. Hunter for days and eventually wounded by the enemy, Jarvan would have died alone if Shyvana had not shown up and carried the unconscious prince to Wrenwall.

His strange violet-skinned saviour was also being pursued and seeing the chance of redeeming himself and repaying Shyvana’s help, the prince stopped her from fleeing and stood alongside her against the great elemental dragon Yvva. With Jarvan leading the castle’s defenders, the Demacians and their half-dragon ally emerged victoriously. Jarvan promised Shyvana that she would always have a place among his guard, and she accompanied the prince in the triumphant return to the capital.

When the dangerous prisoner Sylas of Dregbourne escaped and started the mage rebellion, Jarvan was shocked to find his father dead amidst the uprising at the capital. He blames the mages for the tragedy, and even learning of his father’s last undelivered letter ordering the mageseekers to halt their arrests would not ease his hatred toward them. Interested in only bringing his father’s murderer to justice, Jarvan has since left all other tasks to Demacia’s ruling council. Yet to be crowned as king, Jarvan must address the concerns over his suitability to rule if he is to come into inheritance.

Further Lore


  • Jarvan's weapon is called Drakebane, and it was forged by Orlon himself. He was taught how to use it by Xin Zhao.

Jarvan IV's bio and short story in the League of Legends Universe.

Jarvan is part of Shyvana's bio as well.

Lux comics (5 issues), telling the story of Lux, Sylas, and the start of the mage rebellion.

Longer short story "Aftermath", which takes place after King Jarvan III's death (featuring Xin Zhao).