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Mecha-Jaraxxus Sounds

Attack VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_Attack_01

Death VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_Death_02

Mecha-Jaraxxus Emotes

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Greeting VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_Greetings_02

Well Played VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_Well_Played_01

Oops VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_Oops_02

Threaten VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_Threaten_04

Thanks VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_Thanks_01

Sorry VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_Sorry_01

Concede VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_Concede_01

Game Start VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_Start_02

Rope VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_Time_01

Thinking 1 VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_Thinking_01

Thinking 2 VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_Thinking_02

VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_Thinking_05 VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_Thinking_05

Deck Low VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_LowCards_01

Out of Cards VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_NoCards_01

Need Weapon VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_ERROR_NEED_WEAPON_01

Need Mana VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_ERROR_NEED_MANA_01

Already Attacked (Minion) VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_ERROR_MINION_ATTACKED_01

Already Attacked (Hero) VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_ERROR_I_ATTACKED_01

Minion Can't Attack First Turn VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_ERROR_SUMMON_SICKNESS_01

Hand is Full VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_ERROR_HAND_FULL_01

Board Full VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_ERROR_FULL_MINIONS_01

Can't Attack (Stealth) VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_ERROR_STEALTH_01

Can't Play That VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_ERROR_PLAY_01

Need a Target VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_ERROR_TARGET_01

Can't Attack (Taunt) VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_ERROR_TAUNT_01

Default Error VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_ERROR_GENERIC_01

Picked VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_Picked_01

Greeting (Lunar New Year) VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_HAPPY_NEW_YEAR_LUNAR_01

Game Start VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_MIRROR_START_01

Greeting (Holiday) VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_HAPPY_HOLIDAYS_01

Wow VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_WOW_01

Greeting (New Year) VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_HAPPY_NEW_YEAR_01

Greeting (Fire Festival) VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_FIRE_FESTIVAL_01

Greeting (Pirate Day) VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_PIRATE_DAY_01

Greeting (Halloween) VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_HAPPY_HALLOWEEN_01

Greeting (Noblegarden) VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_HAPPY_NOBLEGARDEN_01

Greeting VO_MechaJar_Male_Demon_MIRROR_GREETINGS_03

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    ma boi

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    I don't know why i didn't pre order that bundle

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    one of the best alt.heros imo

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    From pre-ordering the Boomsday Project expansion

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    I WAS HERE 2019.7


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