Showdown in the Badlands Card Spoilers & Expansion Guide

Showdown in the Badlands is Hearthstone's final expansion for the Year of the Wolf (2023). The expansion launches on November 14.

The name of the expansion was originally leaked by Blizzard via a Gear Store update.

Showdown in the Badlands Quick Info

  • Release Date: November 14
  • 145 new cards are being added to the game.
  • New Keywords
    • Quickdraw: Cards with Quickdraw have a bonus effect that activate if you play the card on the same turn that it enters your hand. 
    • Excavate: Excavate cards give you a treasure from a curated pool based on your tier of excavating. Your first use of Excavate will give you a Common 1-mana treasure.
      • Death Knight, Mage, Rogue, Warlock, and Warrior each have a class-specific legendary excavation at Tier 4.
  • Get a free legendary for logging in - Thunderbringer.

Join the Tavern Crawl

Join us in talking about the new set and voting on all the new cards in our Showdown in the Badlands Tavern Crawl. Completing different stages of our crawl unlock new titles you can use on your profile on the site.


Showdown in the Badlands Community Compendium

See how the community initially rated the expansion! Check out the Showdown in the Badlands Community Compendium!

Revealed Cards for Showdown in the Badlands

These are all the cards that have currently been revealed for Showdown in the Badlands.

Death Knight

Demon Hunter











Expansion Announcement


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