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Chains Chains Unholy Shadow Activate! Dismount Dismount Hateful Strike Hateful Strike Web Wrap Activate! Bone Minions Bone Minions DIE, INSECT! DIE, INSECTS! Decimate Harvest Necrotic Aura Open the Gates Open the Gates Poison Cloud Rain of Fire Skitter Skitter The Majordomo The Majordomo Unbalancing Strike Blackwing Blackwing Echolocate Eruption Harvest Jeering Crowd ME SMASH Magma Pulse Rain of Fire The Rookery Unbalancing Strike Wild Magic Wild Magic Decimate Echolocate Eruption Essence of the Red Essence of the Red Frost Blast Frost Blast Frost Breath Ignite Mana Ignite Mana Jeering Crowd ME SMASH Necrotic Aura Nefarian Strikes! Nefarian Strikes! Pile On! Pile On! Poison Cloud Polarity Shift The Rookery Web Wrap


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