Arcane Watcher

Arcane Watcher Card Image

Card Stats

Card Text

Can't attack unless you have Spell Damage.

Flavor Text

Now his watch has ended… until you have Spell Damage.


Spell Damage - Your spells deal extra damage.

Arcane Watcher Sounds

Play DAL_434_ArcaneWatcher_Play

Attack DAL_434_ArcaneWatcher_Attack

Death DAL_434_ArcaneWatcher_Death

Game Accessories

Powered Up Silence Yourself Twisted Twisted


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    Posted 4 years, 2 months ago

      I excited to see if a new Silence Priest is viable again now that Unsleeping Soul Card Image and Dalarian Librarian were revealed. There are also many interesting neutral and priest cards printed, some with high health, and might be a hint to include the Inner Fire package.


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