What is Lackey in Hearthstone?

Hearthstone has many card effects that are common enough that they get their own keyword - a word or two that immediately tells you how the card works. Let's take a look at the Lackey keyword.

Lackeys are 1-Cost minions with Battlecries.

Lackeys are a mechanic exclusive to Year of the Dragon, found in all 3 sets. Lackeys are 1-Cost 1/1 minions with useful Battlecries each coming with their own special synergies. Lackeys are found in the EVIL classes, two Neutral cards that generate Lackeys also exist (EVIL Cable Rat and Grand Lackey Erkh).

Keywords that Work Great with Lackeys

As all Lackey minions are Battlecries, Battlecry synergy can be quite strong them. As 1 mana minions, they also work great for Combo activators.

Playing Against Lackeys in Hearthstone

There are 7 different Lackeys in Hearthstone. Although they are always randomly generated, knowing what each Lackey does will help you understand how to best handle them.

As you will be able to see when your opponent plays a Lackey generator, you can keep track of whether or not they've played all the Lackeys they have in their hand or not. The current board state at any given point may also help you deduce which Lackeys are in their hand or not.

Example Hearthstone Lackey Cards

EVIL Miscreant Card Image Weaponized Wasp Card Image

Grand Lackey Erkh Card Image [Hearthstone Card (Heistbaron Toggwaggle) Not Found]

EVIL Miscreant is one of the strongest Lackey generators. While other Lackey generators will only provide 1 Lackey at a time, Miscreant will give you 2. And it's in the class that can take advantage of them the best.

Weaponized Wasp is a piece of Lackey support for Shamans. If you play one while you control a Lackey, you will deal 3 damage (or effectively, a free Darkbomb).

[Hearthstone Card (Grand Lakcey Erkh) Not Found] is a Neutral card that can generate Lackeys (although it will require you to play other Lackeys meaning it's still effectively an EVIL card). Erkh will give you a Lackey in your hand after you play a Lackey, allowing you to easily chain a bunch of them together.

[Hearthstone Card (Heistbaron Toggwaggle) Not Found] is a piece of Lackey synergy for Rogues, allowing you to generate a fantastic treasure (from Marin the Fox) while you control a Lackey. The best part is that you get to choose, and there's no 0/8 Chest to kill.


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