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The amount of healing Paladin has access to means we don't have to worry about aggro too much, and we can make the deck insanely greedy instead. Furthermore, by having nothing but late game in the deck, we can guarantee good draws in late game even though Paladin's card draw is abysmal.

The game plan is not to drop the threats on board one by one to exhaust the opponent's pool of removals, but to use the tempo swings from the Spellstones and Zandalari Templars to create wide boards that they'll have difficulties dealing with.

Ragnaros the Firelord is in the deck mainly for the memes, because Ragnabros is something I like to stuff in my Control Paladin decks. Da Undatakah is another card that is fun to play but probably too greedy. If you want to win (you weirdo) I could recommend Crystalsmith Kangor, Wickerflame Burnbristle or Spikeridged Steed instead.

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