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Dragon Hunter deck with the new pirate Sky Gen'ral Kragg.  Quest is never completed (hence "ever"quest).  But by using the quest, you have a turn 1 play and get the rewards from playing a quest : Questing Explorer Licensed Adventurer and Kragg.  It also throws off your opponent's strategic play because they think you're Quest Hunter.

Rotnest Drake is fantastic in dealing with Druid's evasive minions.  It's Deadly Shot with a 6/5 body.  

Ideally, the best quest to use in this deck is Toxic Reinforcements but not drawing it is the problem.

Stormhammer is very powerful in the deck because you always have a good dragon to play, so it basically never goes away.  You can use it to keep going face if racing is your priority, or keeping the board clear.  For instance, the bad Druid throws down Emerald Explorer on 6 like they ALWAYS do, you can kill it along with your Evasive Wyrm.

Deck kills rogue.  Doesn't do great against wide boards like Zoo or tons of mechs with reborn.  

edit 2/12/20 : change a few cards.  Feels better with Lifedrinker and Faerie Dragon.

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