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Original Deck Idea: Nicholas Ryan (@Nichola72261615 on Twitter)

General Strategy

This deck has three main goals:

1) Continuously drop elementals onto the board to abuse their synergies and overpowered abilities, overwhelming our opponent.

2) Output tons of increased spell damage on our opponent via our spell damage elementals.

3) Spam bursts of "extra damage" Fireblasts to ensure Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk is ready to summon Ragnaros the Firelord.


Against Aggro

The way this deck beats aggro is by stopping it in its tracks. The best method to do this is via Arcane Missiles, Cinderstorm, and our "extra damage" Fireblast. Since we get Arcane Missiles via Violet Spellwing and our "extra damage" Fireblast via Daring Fire-Eater and Arcane Amplifier, those will be our key targets to stop aggro decks.

Violet Spellwing Card ImageDaring Fire-Eater Card ImageArcane Amplifier Card Image

Against Control

To overpower control, this deck needs to get large, early game board presence; fortunately, this deck has plenty of ways to accomplish that thanks to Elemental Evocation and Unexpected Results. These two cards combined with our spell damage elementals and either of Archmage Vargoth or Khadgar can fill your board in one turn with three to five minions as early as turn 5. Nightmare Amalgam and SN1P-SN4P are also great 3-drops for this deck to put on early game pressure.

Elemental Evocation Card ImageCelestial Emissary Card ImageCosmic Anomaly Card Image

Unexpected Results Card ImageKhadgar Card ImageArchmage Vargoth Card Image


This deck has a surprising amount of synergies that aren't immediately obvious when first examining the deck.

Elemental Allies + Book of Specters

Elemental Allies Card ImageBook of Specters Card Image

Obviously, the main focus of this deck is the elemental aspect of it. Since we are running so many elementals, it is really easy to complete Elemental Allies which will draw almost half of the spells we have in the deck--in particular, it can fish out Book of Specters. Once we thin out the number of spells in our deck, it is much "safer" to use Book of Specters to draw more of our elementals and maintain playing an elemental every turn.

Elementals and Mechs Working Together!

Nightmare Amalgam Card Image

Probably the most clever card in the deck is Nightmare Amalgam. Not only does Nightmare Amalgam have the appropriate stats of a 3-drop, but it also bridges the gaps in our deck with elementals and mechs. Nightmare Amalgam keeps our "play an elemental every turn" requirement going, AND it provides a body for us to magnetic onto with both SN1P-SN4P and Zilliax which is often a devastating surprise to our opponent.

Archmage Summoning with Khadgar

Khadgar Card Image

Khadgar is a wonderful card for this deck because he works with multiple cards throughout the deck. If you need large mid-game presence, Khadgar+Celestial Emissary+Unexpected Results can create a full board full of 4-drops as early as turn 5. Maybe you want something bigger and...less unexpected...so we drop an Animated Avalanche on our opponent, giving us 21/18 in stats! Not good enough, well what if we summon [Hearthstone Card (Ragnaros the Firelord[Hearthstone Card (twice in the same turn?! The choice is up to you, but Khadgar provides us plenty of flexibility throughout the game.

Double Casting with Archmage Vargoth

Archmage Vargoth Card Image) Not Found]

The main function of Archmage Vargoth in this deck is to deal a bunch of burn damage via Cinderstorm; 10 damage randomly split among all enemies for 7 mana is a pretty good deal–especially if the only enemy is our opponent's face. However, Archmage Vargoth can assist us with Unexpected Results if Khadgar isn't available. Archmage Vargoth can be a great end-game finisher, but he also works wonders to clear or develop boards in this deck.


The original deck utilized two Clockwork Automatons instead of two Book of Specters; however, I found the dearth of card draw extremely unbearable and Clockwork Automaton extraordinarily slow and, frankly, unnecessary. If you want to add more flavor and synergy into the deck by giving another magnetize target that also doubles hero power damage, then [Hearthstone Card (Clockword Automaton) Not Found] is a great addition. However, if, like me, you find the card draw necessary but want a cheaper spell than Book of Specters, then Arcane Intellect will work just fine.

Since this is an elemental deck, I also experimented with other elemental synergy cards. In particular, if you are missing some of the legendaries of this deck, like Khadgar or Siamat, adding a Mana Reservoir or two works wonderfully in this deck to help out our curve, provide more elementals, and boost our spell damage. Another great addition to this deck that is extremely underrated is Fire Hawk; this minion is rarely worse than a 3-mana 4/3, but is usually a 3-mana 6/3! Furthermore, Fire Hawk can come out on turn 1 thanks to Elemental Evocation and will often be a 4/3 or better that is very hard to remove. Lastly, if you want to drop the card-draw spells for a card-draw minion, Bonfire Elemental fits our deck perfectly and is relatively cheap.


The best advice I can give is to make sure you manage your elementals wisely. Ensuring Elemental Allies completes as consistently as possible is crucial; what this means is that sometimes you might need to forgo playing an elemental because you can't guarantee you'll be able to play one next turn (usually because you don't have one in hand). If you can get Elemental Allies to go off just once, this deck becomes very easy to pilot because you will likely be able to draw even more of your deck with the other Elemental Allies or your Book of Specters.

The other key piece of advice I can give is to use Elemental Evocation any time you can cheat out something ahead of curve; for example, a turn 1 Nightmare Amalgam or Arcane Amplifier is an extremely overwhelming play for your opponent. It feels really good to hit Elemental Evocation+Celestial Emissary+Unexpected Results on turn 3, but this is a really greedy play for this deck when there are so many other strong plays you can make. Sometimes hitting the greedy play with Elemental Evocation is easy to pull off because of the way your hand lined up, but there's no reason to hold onto it for the super plays when you could easily just play Animated Avalanche on turn 5 and win the game from there.

The last thing to keep in mind is that most of your opponents probably won't thing anything crazy of your Nightmare Amalgam, but you should remember two things: (1) Zilliax can magnetize to provide huge health restore, and (2) Nightmare Amalgam can get destroyed by Zephrys the Great+Sacrificial Pact/Hungry Crab or a Dragonmaw Poacher.

This deck is a lot of fun to play and can enable game-breaking high rolls thanks to Elemental Evocation (See below for one of the dream plays working in ranked). I highly recommend you try it out before it disappears forever in the wild meta where it will be unplayable. Good luck, and have fun!

(Turn 1) Violet Spellwing –> (Turn 2) The Coin + 2×Elemental Evocation + Animated Avalanche

) Not Found]

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