Control Dragon Galakrond

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Pretty unrefined list, I will update as soon as i find things that work better and meta will settle.



Updated the list accordingly to the forming meta. I will provide a detailed list of card choices and common matchups soon.



-1 Apotheosis: too situational; you want to use this on a big minion in the late game for healing a bunch. Still usable and can win games.

-1 Ysera: too slow.

-1 SW:Death: two of these are overkill with Time Rip

+1 SW:Madness: at 3 mana its usable and can often steal some deathrattles/reborn minions.

+1 Skeletal Dragon: replacement for Ysera. At least it has taunt.

+1 Plague of Death: especially useful for Big Druid beefy boards and Warlock Galakrond/Alex turn.

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