59% Wild Reno Demon Hunter

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Like, all Reno decks, this consists of controlling the board in the early game against aggro decks with cards like Immolation Aura, Soul Cleave, Chaos Nova

Of course this deck can go aggressive as well, with the help of Battlefiend and Umberwing

Late game, using the big minions can also be used to trade with other minions. Hulking Overfiend is a good card to deal with small minions and wide board.

Dirty Rat, Loatheb, Maiev Shadowsong and Acidic Swamp Ooze are a good way to disrupt your opponent's turns. A very special inclusion in the deck is Cobalt Spellkin, the card can be really good since Demon Hunter so far only have 2 spells that cost 1, and they can be really good depending on the situation Mana Burn and Consume Magic, without the need to include the actual said cards.

Kayn Sunfury is really good to have as a way to deal with small minions and to be used against warlocks' big taunt minions and Big Priest's taunt minions to deal potentially lethal damage if the your opponent didn't heal.

The only card I would suggest replacing is Glaivebound Adept with Metamorphosis. I only included it for anyone who's playing cheap and I myself don't have the latter card, but both are very similar in a way. With Glaivebound Adept you can use it with Brann for 8 damage, but to be honest Metamorphosis is much better without the need to attack and can be used twice. 

Hope you're willing to try the deck and enjoy.

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