Pirate Hacker Warrior

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This deck is about as high IQ in deckbuilding as I could realistically ever achieve.

There's a lot of cute interactions this deck has that adds to the tempo'd steamrolliness that Pirate Warrior already is known for:

- You might have noticed that this deck has two Corsair Caches and exactly two weapons, Ancharrr and a single Livewire Lance. The reason for this is that the second Cache functionally acts as a second Ancharrr in the deck, which is slightly more powerful in the deck than an actual second Livewire Lance.

- The deck does not play N'Zoth's First Mates, and a single [Hearthstone Card (Upgrade) Not Found]. This is because we never want to low-roll Hoard Pillager. So long as we upgrade an actual weapon, Pillager will always get us back a good weapon.

- The quest allows Sky Gen'ral Kragg to get his intended level of value, in addition to being a Pirate.

- Tokens, tokens, tokens. Free, free, free. Because of Skybarge essentially being additional Ship's Cannons, there's an emphasis on cheap, free, and additional. Patches the Pirate, Parachute Brigand, Sharkfin Fan, and Dread Corsair all let you vomit the word Pirate onto the battlefield, triggering many cannonballs, and making Southsea Captains very happy.

- The deck doesn't have a lot of expensive cards. Despite this, it can manage to continuously generate cards, allowing you to play multiple each turn even throughout the late stages of the game. Hack the System really emphasizes this, functionally allowing you to play a 2-mana 4/3 minion once a turn at the worst, and twice that at best.

- Because of Hack the System always starting in our opening hand, we have a lower chance of drawing into Patches the Pirate before playing our first Pirate.

Edit (June 2020): I made two additions to the deck, which I feel are pretty invaluable. Sir Finley Mrrgglton is crucial, both in that a 1/3 for 1 is fantastic, and that he can get both the Druid and Demon Hunter HPs, and arguably less valuable but still very relevant, the Rogue one. Also, I added Loatheb, because he's become extremely favorable in the meta lately, and it's hard to not include him as a curve topper here, as he's likely one of the best there are for this deck.

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    Played against this deck, very strong... I lost. 


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