Starving Buzzard Dragon Hunter

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The idea of the deck is to use Scavenger's Ingenuity with exactly Starving Buzzard and Scarlet Webweaver in the deck.

These two cards together make a 0 mana Starving Buzzard. Combo this with Swarm of Locusts and Unleash the Hounds to draw lots of cards.

But the deck also needs a reason to be drawing cards. So I turned to burn, a strategy which traditionally wants to just chuck spells at the opponent's face. However, contrary to popular belief, Hunter doesn't have many direct to face damage spells. They have Arcane Shot, Rapid Fire, Corrosive Breath, Skill Command and Scrap Shot. Only 3 of these can be run without outside synergy. 

Because of this, I needed to run dragons to take advantage of the powerful Corrosive Breath. 

2 copies of Mana Reservoir for the dank Spell Damage Synergy.


This Deck is Not Tested. Don't Craft Anything.

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