Hacking, Bombs, and Dancers Warrior

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With the strength of Bomb Warrior lately, why haven't we seen Bomb Warrior mixed with Quest Warrior? We decided to experiment and see if we could make it work in our Hacking Bombs and Dancers deck. Hack the System and Steeldancer really spice up the archetype...

This list runs a second Hoard Pillager,  and with a few buffs on a Wrenchcalibur, Steeldancer can get impressive value for a 4-drop!

The deck worked out pretty well, with Stone Golems providing an interesting alternative to Galakrond's claws finishing off opponent. If you're looking for a different way to play Bomb Warrior, you might try it out. If you'd like to see some gameplay with the deck, we've got a video at https://youtu.be/gmS8JAcbBFo. Enjoy, and have an awesome day!

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