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Hi! I've been playing Hearthstone since Un'Goro. I'm not a legend player, but I have reached Diamond 2 with Quest Warrior during the Ashes of Outland expansion. The deck was not very good, maybe a tier 3, but the new menagerie cards seem really good, compensating some of the decks weaknesses. So, I decided to share this theorycraft, and maybe see this cool quest finally shine!

This is a midrange deck, you start kinda slow but then explode with tempo swings. The Quest hero power is really strong against control deck, that's why you need to complete the quest as fast as possible! The new N'Zoth, God of the Deep helps to enstabilish dominance against these control decks with an array of taunt and rush minions.

Until now, the deck suffered a lot against aggro decks, since Warrior didn't have a good 2 mana weapon. But Ringmaster's Baton fixes this problem.

I'll experiment with this deck for a bit and try to share my results with you. 


Here's the explanations of why I chose to include each card, discussing what cards I think are deck defining, and what cards can be replaced.


I love this Quest, but I've never managed to make a strong deck around it. I learned that you don't necessarily care about your weapon's attack, but more about it's durability, since it helps finishing the quest faster and can potentially generate more golems. That's why I consider weapons with a good effect on each attack much better than, say, Reaper's Scythe. Until now, Warrior only had 3-4 mana cost weapons, which made the quest completition too slow. But the new Ringmaster's Baton should fix this problem.

So... rush your quest, and hero power as much as possible! It's really frustrating for the opponent having to deal with an extra 4/3 each turn, that's half of Lord Jaraxxus hero power. Anraphet's Core allows for heavy pressure against slower decks, without sacrificing your cards. You get to overextend without risking anything! Bait their board clears with your Stone Golems, then unleash your beefy N'Zoth, God of the Deep.

This card is awesome! It's everything that the Quest needed, low cost and high durability. With this you can potentially end your quest by turn 6. All of the deck is basically built around this weapon, in order to maximize it's really strong effect and compensate for your weak first and second turns. Try to attack every turn, then wreak havoc with your THICC MINIONS.

I've never liked Hoard Pillager, it requires that you destroy a weapon before you can actually play her. It also got weak stats. Enter Sword Eater! This card replaces Hoard Pillager 100%. Taunt, which the deck needs because of its weak early game, good stats, it's a pirate and comes with a Fiery War Axe! On turn 2 you play your stylish baton, attack 3 times and by turn 4 this is a potential 4 mana 5/8 that comes with a weapon that completes your quest by turn 6. Hack the System is the smoker, Ringmaster's Baton is the meat and this is the awesome BBQ sauce that's going to accompany it all.

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