Coffee Galakrond Priest

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My most viewed deck that I've made on this site is a Galakrond Priest.

So here I come with another take on the archetype. This time, it's limited to Standard, but boy does it feel clowny. Literally. Why? Because. Carnival Clown.

I decided to tear a page from the oldschool Coffee Warlock book - for those who are unfamilliar, Trump used to release a few videos about his Warlock deck that revolved around Barista Lynchen and Omega Agent for tons of value. But we're playing Priest, so how do we replicate that combo? This is where the Clown comes in, aswell as the Galakrond package. If you reduced the cost of both Lynchen and Clown by Fate Weaver  or Insight to (3) and (7), respectively, you can do the combo and get a heckton of value. Compared to the old Agent combo, this one actually protects your face.

You can obviously use Barista on different minions if needed. This deck plays otherwise like your normal Galakrond Priest.

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