Big Shaman (anti-aggro)

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This has been working relatively well in the 15 to 7 ladder range.

It struggles against Cyclone Mages, Midrange Hunters, and Tempo Rogues.

Matchups against most of the other common archetypes tend to go well.

A pretty ideal start would go like:

Mulligan for Earth Shock, Lightning Storm, Hex, or Feral Spirit and use them accordingly if you're playing against an aggressive opponent. Try for Far Sight, Muckmorpher or Hagatha's Scheme if you're going against a slower deck.

You'll take a decent bit of damage the first few turns, but Walking Fountain and Zilliax (cheated out, hopefully) do a great job of healing that.

Some key differences from other popular builds (e.g. that makes this deck perform well against aggro in particular:

  • Feral Spirit included, Haunting Visions excluded. I've had the taunts save me on a number of games against aggro, and it's one of the bests things to play on turn 3, given that you're unlikely to have anything meaningful to play on turn 4 anyway. (Chances are you're going to want to save your Hex for later than turn 4.) Same rationale behind including Rain of Toads, for play later on.
  • Mosh'Ogg Enforcer included, Spirit of the Frog and Cairne Bloodhoof excluded. Getting a 4/4 with divine shield and taunt from Muckmorpher early on can make a big difference. I really like Mosh'Ogg Enforcer as an Ancestral Spirit target as well. I've never had trouble drawing spells, and in particular, once you play Hagatha the Witch and/or Ysera, you're likely to be close to the 10 card hand limit most of the time.

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