Buzzard Quest

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I actually theorycrafted this deck just the other day, based off of a few decks I've tried in the past. Believe it or not, the idea was to use Starving Buzzard to squeeze value from the deck's many 1-drops, but of course that's pretty limited at a whopping 5 mana. But today they announced they'll be reverting the Buzzard after years of being an absolute joke, and I think this deck now honestly has some serious strength to it.

I trimmed a little fat and added Teacher's Pets as a solid midrange card to contest the board while preparing to go off. The idea is to setup various big swing turns until you can achieve enough burst, typically from Timber Wolfs, to win, also typically with Tundra Rhino. Don't be deceived, there's a lot more damage there than you might expect, thanks to the many low-cost beasts in the deck as well as Don't Feed the Animals and Dire Frenzy.

Also, note that Starving Buzzard now will work incredibly well alongside Zixor Prime!

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