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This is essentially a Shudderwock Shaman loaded with battlecries to disrupt combo decks. I also hope it will do well against annoying Mill Rogues.

I prefer not to use Grumble, Worldshaker to avoid milling myself with Shudderwock; however, the deck may be tweaked to include Grumble if more value per turn is required.

By playing a judicious combination of Doppelgangster(s) and battlecries that copy/return cards from board (eg. Bog Slosher, Zola the Gorgon), you would have a good, though not absolute, chance of receiving at least one copy of Shudderwock from your initial Shudderwock. One way to 'guarantee' a copy of Shudderwock is to play Murmuring Elemental (with the necessary cost-reduction) before Shudderwock. With the introduction of the new Shaman quest, there is now another way:

1. Complete the quest to get the Heart of Vir'naal hero power ("your Battlecries trigger twice this turn")

2. On the turn before Shudderwock, play Fencing Coach. Avoid using hero power for the rest of that turn.

3. On Shudderwock turn, activate Heart of Vir'naal before playing Shudderwock

After Shudderwock gains Fencing Coach's battlecry, subsequent Shudderwocks will also benefit from 0-cost hero power.

Personally, I enjoy a little bit of uncertainty with my Shudderwocks, but I'd definitely prefer this to playing cost-reduction tech with weak elementals that have little use outside the combo

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