Mecha'Thun Warrior (Fighting against the Meta!)

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I'm 20-6 atm with this deck this season (from rank 10 to 5 so far).

The basic deck idea was 'net-decked', but I've included some tweeks:

Archmage Vargoth:

  • Brawl + Vargoth (+Another Brawl) to clear sticky, deathrattlely boards
  • Shield Block + Vargoth to get 10 armor + draw 2 cards
  • Weapons project + Vargoth to get 12 armor

Akali, the Rhino:

  • With this many Hunters and Rogues, you'll always find a target at turn 8, so this card cycles + clears a minion
  • Exceptionally good when you fetch Zilliax!

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