Wild Pirate Quest Warrior

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This is mostly an agressive deck that tries to go through the deck as fast as possible.

In the mulligan phase, we are keeping the new questline and the weapon if possible. Also aiming for low cost pirates.

This deck aims for a bit of survival though. With the new pirate that gives armor every turn and also the classic 4 3/3 taunt that costs less for each attack on your weapon. We try to make time for the quest to get completed.

Also we add the Pirate wich equips destroyed weapons to get even more draw, as Ancharr is the only one in the deck until the quest is completed.

As cheap extra draw, we have Thalnos loothoarder and Captain's Parrot. We do not have damaging spells in the deck to use Thalnos' spelldamage with, But... The opponent does not know this so It might target It faster instead of your face if on a pinch.

As a finisher, we are depending mostly on the quest.


This deck Will probably not be competitive, But It Will surelly be tons of fun.

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