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Hi this is my first deck for the new expansion without any cards from the sets that rotate out. Sadly, since almost no cards of the new set have been revealed those are not included yet. Well, I will probably update this deck as time progresses and more cards are revealed. 

Priest is losing a lot of key cards so it is quite a challenge to make a viable deck for it. 

This deck is going for a Star Aligner combo by using (relatively) cheap 7 health minions and a LOT of 5 health minions , Power Word: Shield and Extra Arms to get their health to 7. 

Another  strategy is high value when you get to use Lady in White

For early game use the Sand Drudge and Injured Blademaster

For board clears combo Auchenai Soulpriest or Auchenai Phantasm with Circle of Healing or Squashling 

When you get to late game and haven't been able to use Lady, it is great to use the Surrender to Madness to get more value out of your critters.


Most of the times the games that I've played your minions are so buffed and valuable you overwhelm your opponent with stats. To get there there is some extra healing and taunt. 


Will be playing and improving on this deck and hopefully get around to make a mulligan guide as well. For now enjoy!

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