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To answer this common question: What the heck is this deck? It is an off-meta deck that is extremely unexpected by your opponent. Does it work against the best decks at this moment such as cyclone mage, bomb warrior, and mech hunter?


No, not so far. I hope new cards from the next expansion will help improve the quality of the deck. In the meantime, if you are in the lower ranks and have these cards already, try it out.


This is a menagerie deck that utilizes the mix of mech, murloc, and dragon synergies that can be found. [Hearthstone Card (Hench-clan rider) Not Found] has the death rattle of a murloc for example, and the [Hearthstone Card (toxifin) Not Found] you run can create a suddenly potent removal in an aggro paladin deck. Additionally, this can be used on the amalgams that come from your Hench-Clan Hag


The additional use of those amalgams is to help the "dragon in hand" synergies, as well as providing magnetic targets for your larger mechs such as Zilliax.


I will continue to playtest, but please comment on anything you note would help the deck or how your results are. Positive and negative. Thanks, and enjoy it!

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