Malygos + Elise OTK?

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Wow. This deck is so hard to pull off but I think it may have potential!

This deck was inspired by Regis' stream where he made a dekc but instead of the malygos otk it was a mill otk. I'd rather play this one because it is less APM :)


- Have only Malygos, Elise, Moonfire, Gloop and Aviana in hand

- Have a max of 2 minions of board

- Have your twig on 1 durabilty

The Combo

It's quite difficult but I'll do my best to explain.

Play Aviana (10 mana)

Gain 10 mana from twig

Play 1 cost Elise

You should now have 2 1-cost malygoses, 2 gloops and 2 moonfires

Play an Elise Gloop

You now have 4 1-cost malygoses, 2 gloops and 4 moonfires

Play at least 2 malygoses and pew pew :)



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