Turn one OTK Insta Kill - Blood Magic Standart

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Kills in turn one but you gotta play fast because the animations take time.

Mulligan: Mulligan for anything that draws (and consider keeping a charge crature) so you can find the combo and OTK.

If you are low on health, use Earthen Scales (after you buffed a creature to maximize armor gain) and Feral Rage (+8 armor) so you can keep casting spells and drawing cards.

Feel free to Wrath your own ghoul or minion if you need to draw more.

Be careful not to overdraw.


Based on this deck: http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/924005-first-turn-otk

I included two Wrath to provide more draw and Feral Rage because is better than Healing Touch


This deck is excellent to farm gold fast.

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