[Off Meta Legend] Frog Shudderwock Shaman

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Fun / Off-Meta Cards: Electra, Zentimo, Krag'wa, Shudderwock

Strategy: This is a Shudderwock deck where the endgame is to drop Shudderwock after playing Doppelganster, Grumble, and Loatheb to lock-down the game and create an infinite loop. The deck is powered by a spell / cycle focused early game with Spirit of the Frog, Haunting Visions, Far Sight, and Healing Rain to draw the game out. The reason to play this deck are some of the fun combos such as Electra -> Far Sight for super draw, Electra -> healing rain for a Reno-like effect, Zentimo -> Hex for frogging their entire board of threats, and Unstable Mutation -> Krag'wa to return a handful of evolves to snowball your board.

Update: This deck needs to be updated for the upcoming Rise of Shadows release. The new echoing heal card should see play as a 1-of replacing eather one earth shock or one healing rain as it has incredible synergy with the Krag'wa. Barista could also find a home here for additional value, potentially replacing one of the Doppelgangsters or the Lifedrinker.

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