Voyage Charge

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Forged in Flame which enables big card draw turns, From the Depths and Sir Finley, Sea Guide who make a discount combo makes their way into a Charge Warrior list but we also see the return of Acolyte of Pain and Shield Block.

I decided to go with a Armorsmith, Acolyte of Pain and Whelp Bonker combined with Iceblood Garrison because I really want that card to work and now that it has some more interaction it's worth giving at new go. Armorsmith and Iceblood Garrison can be cut for removal or quickly playable cards if that feels better alternatively keeping [Hearthstone Card (Iceblood Garrision) Not Found] and adding Execute could prove fruitful too.

Another good way to active our Acolyte of Pain and [Hearthstone Card (Welp Bonker) Not Found] is Shoulder Check.

But the main idea of this deck is simple use To the Front! combined with an active [Hearthstone Card (Captain Galavangar) Not Found] then copy it with Faceless Manipulator and put Battleground Battlemaster in the middle for a sweet OTK finish.

A neat combo that Voyage enables is using Sir Finley, Sea Guide to shuffle your hand and then using From the Depths to discount it for later. This is great as it can enable the combo without even drawing To the Front! Additionally afterwards we can disrupt the deck order with our shuffle cards Shoulder Check and Blacksmithing Hammer. However how good this turns out to be remains to be seen. There is also the question of is it better to just run the old OTK enabler without this duo or can this duo make us cut 1 To [Hearthstone Card (The Front!) Not Found] or even 2 reliably? 

Forged in Flame also allows us to eat our Blacksmithing Hammers for big card draw turns helping speed up the time to get our combo online. 5 Card draw at the time might be a bit high? But for now I am keeping the list as it is to get in-game experience and feel of these interactions.

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