[WILD] Thief Rogue

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So I made this deck just to have some fun in Wild Casual and it actually turns out to be pretty good (even in Ranked).

I tried to keep this deck as budget as possible, but here are some cards you can add if you have some spare dust laying around:

Shaku, the Collector, Tess Greymane, Valeera the Hollow, Spectral Cutlass, Vilespine Slayer, Academic Espionage, Bazaar Mugger (after the Saviors of Uldum patch)

Here are a few cards that I tried in this deck and should work, but actually don't:

Face Collector, Edwin VanCleef


Feel free to use this deck and have fun with it, I might say that it's not the best choice for Ranked, but you can definitely climb a few ranks with it. :)

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