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The main thing you want to do is usa all, or at least the most of your Buff spells on theImmortal Prelate. This will give you a very good late game because you get a very good never ending minion, which also stops fatigue. Carnivorous Cube is also used on your Immortal Prelate for the one you have, plus 2 additional ones. At the end om the game is will hopefully be a BIG Taunt minion with Lifesteal for great sustain.

Lynessa Sunsorrow is super good because she will cast all Buff spells that you've played this game, on herself. The biggest weakness she has is probably that she is a huge target, which leads to her getting destroyed the turn she is played. BUT, this is where the 2 Baleful Banker's come in. They will in total give you 2 more Lynessa Sunsorrow's for a total of 9 Mana if you playe both of them together, on the same turn.

NOTE (1): DO NOT use the Shrink Ray when you have a Immortal Prelate out, because it will count as an "Enchantment" which leads to it being a 1/1 Minion for 3 Mana instead of your big boi.

NOTE (2): SAVE your one Lightforged Blessing for your Immortal Prelate. And because it is a so called "Twinspell" (Get another copy of the spell after you use it to your hand) you can save it for The Glass Knight. The reason for this is that he will become UNKILLABLE as long as no spell is used, or when you have Full Health. This is because if The Glass Knight has Lifesteal, then whenever he gets attacked, he loses Divine Shield, then heals you which makes him gain a new Divine Shield.

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