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A theorycraft of mine that I think gains a lot from Uldum. The idea is to stall against aggro/Big Priest, enable Lynessa Sunsorrow/Da Undatakah/Shirvallah, the Tiger/Galvadon, and win in fatigue by utilizing Coldlight Oracle, Deathlord, and Immortal Prelate effects.

I'm debating the optimal Da Undatakah deathrattles, mostly considering the inclusions of Sludge Belcher or Dancing Swords, but I believe enabling him to always get the deathrattle of [Hearthstone Card (Sanctum Prelate) Not Found] means there can only be a maximum of 4 deathrattle minions in the deck to totally guarantee he works and denies fatigue. Currently, I think a single Belcher and a single Swords might be the best way to enable Undatakah as a powerful fatigue enabler, generating a 1/2 with Taunt and forcing another tick of fatigue each turn. It mostly comes down to the meta post launch, and how desperately the deck would need something like Deathlord, and how much the deck needs Deathlords to reliably enable a fatigue scenario.

I would include Hakkar, the Soulflayer + Prince Liam but Da Undatakah is just better in that it almost ensures you don't die from fatigue or corrupted bloods faster than you're opponent.

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