Here comes the Boom!

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An odd warrior that cuts down on consistency and adds fun.

So we've got the "classic" odd warrior defensive package, some mechs and the bomb package. And to top it of, we run all three versions of Dr. Boom.

The gameplan: armor up and stall with the defensive shell of deck, then shuffle bombs into the opponent's deck. Since we only run odd cards, Wrenchcalibur and Iron Juggernaut are no options. So we have to execute some value plays to shuffle multiple bombs. Brann Bronzebeard+ Clockwork Goblin or Seaforium Bomber or Augmented Elekk + a shuffle card. Zola might also help to play additional copies of bomb cards.

Possible substitutions: The Bronze Gatekeepers are a bit weak. Eternium Rover is also sometimes cut from wild odd warrior lists. Elekk might also have to go, being too greedy. Instead of these, you might run Coldlight Oracles to accelerate the opponent drawing the bombs or put tech cards into the deck (Gluttonous Ooze or Ironbeak Owl).

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