No Pain, No Gain

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This is day 2 of the Uldum meta, so the deck is not refined at all. But the core of Spirit Bomb, Neferset Thrasher, Nethersoul Buster and Diseased Vulture can do crazy things, so I think there is real potential here.

Game Plan

Turn 1 you can play Flame Imp or Sinister Deal, or you can skip it depending on your hand and what you expect from your opponent.

Turn 2 is usually spent tapping, although you could consider coining out Neferset Thrasher if you have Nethersoul Buster in your hand.

Turn 3 you want to play Neferset Thrasher, or if you haven't found it yet, draw. You could play Duskbat without activating it if it lines up well with the board, but that's a pretty weak play in general.

Sense Demons will on average draw you better cards than tapping. You should try to only play it when damaged, since sooner or later you will need the healing from Aranasi Broodmother.


Leeroy Jenkins could be replaced by Soulfire.

Siamat could be replaced by Siegebreaker or Siphon Soul or Riftcleaver.

Mojomaster Zihi is there to avoid being outvalued by control decks. Lord Jaraxxus could be an alternative perhaps.

Zilliax could be replaced by Rotten Applebaum.

Crystallizer could be replaced by Dark Possession.

Deathweb Spider could be replaced by Rotten Applebaum or Lifedrinker.

Ectomancy does not really have an equivalent; in some games it is the card that gives you victory, in other games it's unplayable. Maybe Mountain Giant fits the same role: it works well if you draw it early, but can be tough to play later in the game.

Diseased Vulture is irreplaceable in this deck.


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